Welcome to Eagle Eye Shooters Supply

January 11th, 2010

Welcome to Eagle Eye Shooters Supply online site. This is our informational site. If you are interested in purchasing from us please click Visit our Store.

We are a transfer friendly Type 1 FFL. Starting January 1st 2016 our transfer rates change.
Outbound Firearm Transfer:

$20 for one Firearm (plus shipping)
$30 for two Firearms (plus shipping)
$40 for three Firearms (plus shipping)
For more that three Firearms $40 plus $5 for each additional firearm over three (plus shipping)

Inbound Firearm Transfers Policies:

I will no longer do multiple HAND GUN transfers within a 5 day period. On day 6 you can fill out another 4473 to pick up your next HAND GUN. Each additional HAND GUN will be subject to a $10 fee on a multiple gun order or transfer. Initial transfer is subject to the fee structure outlined below.
In 2016 I am simplifying the transfer fees. I will only have 2 transfer fees as outlined below. Also, the fees will provide for multiple LONG GUNS (up to 5 guns on a 4473).

Inbound Transfer Fee for Firearms:
$20 for Transfers unless you have a CWP
$15 for Transfers for Valid Montana CWP holders, Active Duty or Reserve Military, Active Duty or Reserve Law Enforcement and First Responders (Discounts will no longer be stacked it will simply be a $15 transfer).

Our hours are by appointment only. Appointments are available during weekdays from 5pm to 9pm and weekends from 9am to 9pm.